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Reminder to all my followers who love Tolkien: It’s Race of Men Appreciation Week

The Race of Men Week is an event organised by fyeahtheraceofmen, to encourage people to appreciate Middle-Earth’s Secondborn. If you intend to participate, tag whatever contributions you have with raceofmenweek.

For further information and FAQ, visit here.

Even if you don’t intend to participate, I’d appreciate it very much if you reblogged this promo post to spread the word :)

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when are white feminists gonna stop saying “stop teaching your daughter she’s beautiful and start telling her she’s smart!!” to WOC cause WOC teaching their daughters of color that they’re beautiful in a white-beauty standardized society is pretty radical also i’m asian white people always tell me im smart bc of that i dont need my mom telling me that

(via gayperson)

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